Graduate Professional Development Program Survey: Towards a National Strategy

Who develops and delivers the sessions? (graduate studies, other departments, students, professors, alumni, external organizations, etc.)

Who develops and delivers the sessions? (graduate studies, other departments, students, professors, alumni, external organizations, etc.)




Athabasca UniversityProfessors, professional staff of the university, or experts from industry. details
Brock UniversityALL deliver/co-develop: we are working from a knowledge sharing model. Because our graduate programs are relatively new (most of the growth in the last 10 years) proportionately represent 10% of our student population. Student services is geared mostly to UG market. And, we work from a knowledge-sharing model. My role has been to identify key facilitators, seek evidence-based collaborative practice models that include skilled facilitators from the broader graduate community (faculty, staff and students. I seek out innovative peer-based programs _ and then invite or cultivate partnerships. details
Carleton University They are largely developed and delivered by staff members, although some are developed and delivered by professors and TAs.details
Concordia UniversityWe partner with internal and external partners to deliver 2/3 of our workshops. The remaining 1/3 are delivered by graduate students we hire to develop and deliver GradProSkills content. We have a number of professors who give workshops and who mentor our graduate student workshop leaders. details
Dalhousie Variousdetails
McGill UniversitySKILLSETS offerings are delivered by University-wide partners including Student Services, Teaching and Learning Services, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (Dean and Associated Deans), graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, professors, alumni, and external partners (Government agencies, McKenzie Partners, Alum, etc.)details
Memorial UniversityVaries, and includes: graduate studies, career development, other departments, professors and external organizations.details
Mount Allison UniversityNAdetails
Nipissing UniversityThe sessions are developed and delivered through the Student Development Services officedetails
Queen's UniversitySGS develops the sessions in partnership with faculty and other units on campus (e.g. Student Academic Success Services, the International Centre, the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Career Services, Student Wellness Services). Some sessions are delivered by external partners (e.g. Mitacs, PARTEQ) details
Royal Roads UniversityThe graduate program areas design the internships and ensure that they are aligned with the curriculum. Internship courses are subject to academic approval processes like any other course. Internship preparation workshops, career counselling and similar services are offered through Student Services and our Work Integrated Learning office: details
Ryerson UniversitySome external (Mitacs); most are campus partners such as the library, career centre, student learning support etc. Some are developed by YSGS and we use on - and off-campus people to deliver. details
Saint Mary's UniversityAssociate Dean, Diane Crocker, develops PROgrad and each session is delivered by different people from on and off campus. Staff develop and deliver FGSR 7000 details
Simon Fraser University (SFU)Partnerships between the Graduate Studies office and other student service units, plus soliciting guest speakers. Career development sessions, including APEX Certificate Core Sessions, are developed and facilitated in partnership with specific career educators from SFU?s Career & Volunteer Services. APEX/PDA Brown Bag seminar series brings in special guest speakers (some who are SFU faculty members, administrators, or external to SFU). Workshops focused on Knowledge Translation are facilitated by team in the Student Learning Commons, Research Commons, Teaching & Learning Centre and Graduate Studies office, plus occasional faculty members and student mentors. details
Université de SherbrookeCourses are given by expert professors from many faculties (engineering, administration, lettres et sciences humaines, medicine and health sciences, education, science) as well as teaching assistants with expertise in general skill training. Many guest speakers from academia, industry or government are invited. Courses are developed by professors from different faculties, based on student?s needs recognized by CUEFR. For example, EFP973 was developed by two professors from the faculties of engineering and medicine, EFP977 by professors from the Facult_ des lettres et sciences humaines, EFP912 by a professor from the Faculty of administration/management. details
University of AlbertaThe list of sessions offered to students is developed and delivered by departments, FGSR, Career Centre, Human Resources, WISEST, Research Services Office, University Libraries, MITACS, Alumni Affairs, Office of the Ombuds, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Student Success Centre, Center for Writers, and many other units.details
University of Calgary The Faculty of Graduate Studies, My GradSkills endorse the following partners: Faculty of Graduate Studies Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Career Services Graduate Students' Association International Student Services Environmental Health & Safety Leadership and Student Engagement Taylor Family Digital Library Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning Health Science Library Mitacs Research Services Student Success Centre Students' Union Wellness Some Departments also deliver their own department-specific programming, in many cases partnering together with the above groups. details
University of LethbridgeSessions for THRIVE are developed in partnership with a number of stakeholders and partners across campus. The School of Graduate Studies, Career and Counselling Services, Library, Teaching Centre, Student Success, the Writing Centre, Health and Wellness Centre. We have also utilized alumni, as well as Faculty in the facilitator role. We also use Mitacs for both online and in-person workshops. We have also partnered with external facilitators to provide certain workshops when funds allow. We are also working with the Campus Alberta group to cross promote a number of events (usually online offerings).details
University of ManitobaSessions are delivered by partners within the University (Academic Learning Centre, International Centre, Student Counselling Services, etc.), professors, and several external organizations. details
Université de MontéalLes ateliers sont conçus et développés au sein de la FESP (par la vice-doyenne et l?analyste de séminaires). Les partenaires enseignants proviennent soit de différentes unités de l?UdeM, soit de l?extérieur. Le choix est fait en fonction de l?expertise recherchée pour enseigner. Partenaires internes UdeM : Services aux étudiants (SAÉ); Services de soutien à l?enseignement (SSE); Les Bibliothèques; Vice-rectorat à la recherche, création et innovation, professeurs de différentes facultés ou écoles affiliées (HEC). Partenaires externes : firmes privées; Mitacs; professeurs d?autres universités (UQAM); cabinets-conseils locaux et internationaux en recrutement. details
University of New BrunswickGraduate Studies in conjunction with other units (Center for Teaching Excellence; the Library) and external partners (MITACS, Tri-Council Agencies)details
UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)The Office of Graduate Studies works with other university partners or non-university partners to create and facilitate workshops. We are currently exploring how we might integrate our postdoctoral fellows into the development and facilitation of workshops.details
University of Ottawamainly external consultants. Some profs also?details
University of Prince Edward IslandThe Office of Graduate Studiesdetails
University of TorontoSubject Matter Experts prepare and reviewed by GPS Curriculum Committee composed of faculty, directors, vice-deans.details
University of VictoriaThe LTC for all of our offeringsdetails
University of WaterlooOur program partners facilitate the sessions (Centre for Teaching Excellence, Centre for Career Action, Library, Oddice of Research, Writing Centre, etc.) Since launching GRADventure, several new workshops have been developed collaboratively between units (e.g. Centre for Teaching Excellence collaborating with the Writing Centre to develop a new workshop). Additionally GRADventure organizes full- or half-day events that bring together different units under one theme (e.g. A ûresearch mattersË event (with free lunch) that covered topics ranging from copyright to commercialization to intellectual property)details
The University of WinnipegThe certificate programs are all delivered by PACE. The workshops are organized by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, but delivered by different parties: Graduate Studies Staff, UW faculty members, Mitacs, International Student Services, Research Office etc. details
Western UniversityAll of the different places that offer professional development, deliver their sessions. Currently, GRADPATH is the program that offers the majority of the sessions, taking the lead on campus. details
York UniversitySessions are developed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies in conjunction with on campus partners such as the Career Centre, Talent Acquisition & Development, the Writing Centre, the Knowledge Mobilisation Unit, the York University Retirees Association and all York Faculties. Sessions are delivered by YorkU staff and professors and by experts from other universities and from outside academia as appropriate. details
Université du Québec à MontréalL'université n'a pas fourni d'informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à Trois-RIvièresL'université n'a pas fourni d'informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à ChicoutimiL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à RimouskiL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à OutaouaisL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à Abitibi-TémiscamingueL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Institut National de la Recherche ScientifiqueL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
École Nationale d'Administration PubliqueL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
École de Technologie SupérieureL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Laurentian University Stacy Sathaseevan organizes the sessions, but various people deliver them. So far, our presenters have been librarians, and program coordinators. details
Polytechnique Montreal Chaque atelier est sous la responsabilité d’un professeur de Polytechnique. Celui-ci s’entoure d’autres experts, professeurs ou experts de l’extérieur, pour développer et assurer l’enseignement de l’atelier. Les ateliers sont traités comme des cours : le descriptif, les objectifs et méthodes d’enseignement et d’évaluation doivent faire l’objet d’approbation par les instances académiques. L’enseignement est assuré par des professeurs ou chargés de cours, rémunérés. Des experts de l’extérieur non-rémunérés sont invités régulièrement. details
Universite du Quebec (Siege Social) Stacy Sathaseevan organizes the sessions, but various people deliver them. So far, our presenters have been librarians, and program coordinators. details
University of British ColumbiaA combination of staff and faculty in Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, staff, faculty, and students from other units at UBC as well as professional, external facilitators. Alumni also participate as panelists in various sessions.details
Université LavalLes cours sont développés par des professeurs, experts, chargés d’enseignement en collaboration avec le Service de placement, les facultés d’administration et des sciences de l’éducation, le Centre d’aide aux étudiants et le Bureau de soutien à l’enseignement. details