Graduate Professional Development Program Survey: Towards a National Strategy

Does the program offer academic credit or formal recognition (badges, certificates, etc.) to participants?

Does the program offer academic credit or formal recognition (badges, certificates, etc.) to participants?




Athabasca UniversityNot currently. We are currently working on further developing Professional Skills Development. details
Brock UniversityYes, some do. We are offering a customizable VITAE cert. See here .>> And have just begun to host an Ïawarding? event. We will most likely link this event to our end of year SHIFT Conference. We do not offer badges, but we work with student services to track participation and back-end load participants into their co-curricular transcript database. GradPlus transcript See here >> details
Carleton UniversityNodetails
Concordia UniversityWe have an official GradProSkills Record of Participation. Some of our workshops offer a certificate. details
Dalhousie Some programs are included in the co-curricular record.details
McGill UniversityFormal recognition is done using the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). Some (~10) letters of participation and certificates of completion are offered. details
Memorial UniversityNo academic credit, but some offer non-academic certificates. Examples are: Professional Skills Development Program for International Students (PSDP), Teaching Assistant Training Program and the Entrepreneurship Training Program (ETP).details
Mount Allison UniversityNAdetails
Nipissing UniversityNot at this time.details
Queen's UniversityWe offer a Certificate in Professional Development and workshops are also listed on a student?s supplemental training record.details
Royal Roads UniversityAll our internships are offered for academic credit, typically 6 credit hours. details
Ryerson UniversityA certificate of completion is awarded, plus notation on student transcripts once seven units have been completed.details
Saint Mary's UniversityNote on transcriptdetails
Simon Fraser University (SFU)APEX Certificate is certified through SFU?s Continuing Studies. Students who complete receive a Certificate, plus a notation on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). details
Université de SherbrookeThe courses are credited. Thus, the students have full recognition of the courses they follow by the Universit_ de Sherbrooke, with an official transcript. Doctoral students who obtain 15 credits will earn an official recognition for the microprogramme, and postdoctoral students who earn 32 credits will earn an official recognition for the diploma. details
University of AlbertaFGSR currently provides a certificate of participation for our Graduate Teaching and Learning (GTL) course, a letter for completion of Level 1 and a notation on the transcript for completion of Level 2. We are seeking notation on the transcript for our proposed Levels 3 and 4. Students do not get formal recognition currently for their PD completion.details
University of Calgary Graduate Students’ Association: Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning: details
University of LethbridgeRecognition is given for participation in all THRIVE and associated GTA-PD events, 3MT and Images of Research. A certificate of participation is given to all attendees. details
University of ManitobaIf a student completes six or more workshops, they can claim them on their co-curricular record. details
Université de MontéalLes ateliers siglés sont des cours de 1 crédit, non contributoires à la moyenne cumulative. Les stagiaires postdoctoraux (de l?UdeM ou des autres universités) reçoivent une attestation officielle de participation (puisqu?ils n?obtiennent pas le crédit). details
University of New BrunswickA diploma in University Teaching, but not yet for other activities or PD workshops but considering developing co-curricular transcript of some sort.details
UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)This currently a non-credit programdetails
University of OttawaNodetails
University of Prince Edward IslandNodetails
University of TorontoTranscript Notation for 20 GPS Credits (60 hours of instruction)details
University of VictoriaLATHE is a graduate certificate and for credit. Other programs have badges or certificates (non-credit) attached to them details
University of WaterlooNot at this time, but it is an option that we are exploring. Our GPS program partners (Student Success Office and Centre for Teaching Excellence) do offer certificate programs on the subjects of leadership and teaching, respectively. details
The University of WinnipegThe Higher Education Teaching Certificate and The Post-Graduate Professional Skills Certificate are both programs that offer credentials (certificates). We are in the process of developing a more formal recognition process for our professionalization workshops with the next academic year. details
Western UniversityYes, students can receive a Certificate when they complete the University Teaching and Learning Program
York UniversityNodetails
Université du Québec à MontréalLes cours qui font part du programme court de 2ème cycle en pédagogie universitaire sont crédités (15). details
Université du Québec à Trois-RIvièresÉcole d'été en pédagogie de l'enseignement supérieur : Attestation UEC details
Université du Québec à ChicoutimiL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à RimouskiNon details
Université du Québec à OutaouaisNon details
Université du Québec à Abitibi-TémiscamingueNon details
Institut National de la Recherche ScientifiqueProgramme court en mobilisation et transfert de connaissances (12) details
École Nationale d'Administration PubliqueNon details
École de Technologie SupérieureIntégrité intellectuelle : un savoir-être et un savoir-faire : créditée (2) details
Laurentian UniversityNo details
Polytechnique MontrealLes ateliers sont crédités (hors-programme) et apparaissent au dossier des étudiants. La note est passage/échec. details
Universite du Quebec (Siege Social)No details
University of British ColumbiaWe offer certificates of participation for some workshops (those offered via Mitacs) and by request (for students who have mandatory PD requirements as part of details
Université LavalLes cours sont crédités et apparaissent sur le relevé de notes officiel universitaire. details