Graduate Professional Development Program Survey: Towards a National Strategy

Are there mentorship or internships opportunities included in the program?

Are there mentorship or internships opportunities included in the program?




Athabasca UniversityNo. details
Brock UniversityMentorship needs to be defined here. If we look at mentorship as relationships or interactions?; moments or interactions then, YES. If you are asking about formal mentorship programs _ this facet of institutional offerings have recently changed. Once centralized, now transitioning over to program level (in development). We have taken a Ïwhole spectrum? approach to professional development which entails a personal development and growth mindset. At this stage, all PD programs would be classified as bolt-on _ however, we plan to survey all academic grad programs to identify the types and forms of PD opportunities. Mentorship and internships are available within a few academic programs that are professional degrees (accounting, etc) details
Carleton UniversityNodetails
Concordia UniversityEvery year we hire a team of approximately 15 graduate students to help run the program. The roles are: 1. Workshop leaders (developing and delivering workshops) 2. Workshop assistants (onsite set-up, troubleshooting, leader support and gathering feedback) 3. Communications assistants (assisting with our online and in person communications and outreach strategy) details
Dalhousie No (except for employer connection program through Centre for Career and Leadership).details
McGill UniversityYes McGill Mentorship Program with Career Planning Services and University Advancement Internships are available through informal sources (Mitacs, CRETAE Grants, and departments, etc.) details
Memorial UniversityIndirectly via some programming under EDGE for example: MUN Mentors
Mount Allison UniversityNo, our Masters of Science program is lab based.details
Nipissing UniversityEvery one of our new (on-campus) graduate students this autumn was offered a GAship, with either Teaching or Research experience, or a combination of both. Mentorship is an important part of both the TA and RA experience. We are working with Student Development Services to establish more formal workshops for GAs. Topics include but are not limited to mental health, sexual violence, and supporting students in distress. The training will be delivered through the online training module entitled ûMore Feet on the GroundË.details
Queen's UniversityWe are launching the ûPhD-Community InitiativeË which is under the umbrella of Expanding Horizons. More details here: details
Royal Roads UniversityThose graduate programs that do not require extensive professional experience for admission offer internships. For example, the School of Humanitarian Studies offers master?s degrees in Human Security and PeaceBuilding, Conflict Analysis and Management, and Disaster and Emergency Management. Students who lack experience in these fields can take advantage of an internship: An experiential education experience (internship) which guides student in applying theoretical knowledge and professional skills in a supervised, professional, domestic or international context relevant to their program of study. Requires a minimum of 420 contact hours at the host organisation, normally completed over a period of 3 to 5 months. Brings classroom learning, theoretical concepts and academic literature together with practical learning, insights from the field of practice and application of skills. ( Our MA in Intercultural and International Communication On Campus, which primarily attracts international graduate students, offers an internship experience as well: Guides students in applying theoretical knowledge and professional skills in a supervised, professional, domestic, or international context relevant to their program of study. Brings classroom learning, theoretical concepts, and academic literature together with practical learning, insights from the field of practice, and application of skills. Pre-requisite: RRU IICSIP Internship and Career Management Course offered through the Work Integrated Learning Office. Our MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management offers the following internship: The Internship course supports you to make meaning of your internship experience and develop your professional competencies essential to your success in the tourism industry. During the internship, you will complete a series of assignments for reflection on your overall learning from the MATM program. Our Master?s in Global Management, which primarily attracts international students, offers a high degree of internship preparation. It includes Internship Preparation: This interactive workshop series is designed to prepare you for your upcoming internship experience. During the course you will complete key activities and participate in discussions related to everything from your strengths and preferences to researching your industry, preparing your resume, cover letter and online presence, to networking, interviewing and negotiating skills. By the end of these workshops you will have the skills to find and complete a successful internship, as well as successfully manage your career following graduation. The internship itself is part of the capstone course MGMT589: INTERNSHIP RESEARCH PROJECT: Provides students with opportunities to apply their skills and to integrate concepts from their previous coursework in the context of a professional setting. The 23-week course requires completing an internship (fulfilling a minimum of 12 weeks at the workplace), preparing supporting reflective assignments on the internship experience to integrate workplace learning with MGM course concepts, and designing and executing a substantive applied-research project related to their internship workplace or industry. Pre-requisites: all prior coursework or equivalent must be successfully completed before participating in MGMT 581 ( details
Ryerson UniversityNodetails
Saint Mary's UniversityNodetails
Simon Fraser University (SFU)We help to advertise these types of programs but APEX is not a mentorship or internship program. details
Université de SherbrookeThere are no mentorship or internship opportunities in the program. However, the CUEFR is considering the possibility of offering a course for postdoctoral students on ûSupervising a traineeË. In one part of this course, a professor-mentor would follow a postdoctoral student during his supervision of a trainee. details
University of AlbertaThere are a variety of internship and mentorship opportunities available to students. The Graduate Student Internship Program has been in place for less than a year and has placed more than 140 interns. In coordination with FGSR, the Career Centre hosts and Graduate Mentoring Program and Job Shadow weeks. details
University of CalgarySkills-based internships (Transformative Talent Internships): Research-based Internships (Mitacs Accelerate): Graduate Students’ Mentorship Program: details
University of LethbridgeWe offer a variety of Graduate Assistantships in Teaching, Non-Teaching and Research. We also offer Applied Research courses. Internship programs are in the works, but not up and running yet. We run a co-op program at the MA/MSc level that has had great success in the past two years(2014 start).details
University of ManitobaNo details
Université de MontéalUn programme de mentorat est en cours de développement, impliquant des étudiants de doctorat (mentorés) et des « docteurs Ph.D. » diplômés de l?Université de Montréal (mentors).details
University of New BrunswickYes, through MITACS, ACOA, etc..details
UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)No. Mentorship and internships are currently addressed by other units.details
University of OttawaNodetails
University of Prince Edward IslandNodetails
University of TorontoWe encourage students to find mentors. We just supported the launch of the Hart House Mentorship program. We train students in how to find a mentor.details
University of VictoriaThrough our LATHE (Learning and Teaching in Higher Education) Certificate program, students have access to several mentors details
University of WaterlooNodetails
The University of WinnipegThe Higher Education Teaching Certificate program includes a practicum component: students attend and engage in the following teaching and learning experiences: discipline-related workshops, conferences and/or departmental meetings/events. These experiences will be journaled and students will also participate in a supervised teaching experience of at least 9 hours involving classroom, seminar and/or lecture classes. The teaching experience includes mentored experiences through the processes of the preparation of a teaching plan, an assessment of the teaching and of the students? progress.details
Western UniversityYesdetails
York UniversityNo, however, we do this under another umbrellas and within many of our graduate programs.details
Université du Québec à MontréalL'université n'a pas fourni d'informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à Trois-RIvièresL'université n'a pas fourni d'informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à ChicoutimiL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à RimouskiL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à OutaouaisL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Université du Québec à Abitibi-TémiscamingueL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Institut National de la Recherche ScientifiqueUn des cours offerts dans le cadre de l’école d’été techniques de survie scientifique est sur l’utilité d’un mentor et comment en trouver un. details
École Nationale d'Administration PubliqueL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
École de Technologie SupérieureL’université n’a pas fourni d’informations à ce sujet. details
Laurentian UniversityNo. details
Polytechnique MontrealNon. details
Universite du Quebec (Siege Social)No. details
University of British ColumbiaNo. Although several graduate programs at UBC do offer internships as well as opportunities for senior students to mentor new students. UBC graduate students also participate in Mitacs internships.details
Université LavalNondetails